...explore and analyze your SugarCRM data!

CRMExplorer – SugarCRM reporting module

BI-Analysis of your SugarCRM data: Accounts, Opportunities, Pipeline and more...

CRMExplorer is a SugarCRM reporting module that contains a set of CRM visualizations. CRMExplorer goes beyond standard BI-tools for Analytical CRM.

CRMExplorer provides an innovative and interactive way of visualizing your SugarCRM data and all interconnections between data elements (network analysis).

The easy to use solution contains everything that you need: reporting, analysis and ETL. CRMExplorer is connected to your SugarCRM installation in less than a minute. To begin, you only need to define a connection string to your SugarCRM system and your SugarCRM login. That's all there is to it!

See for yourself how easily you can analyze with CRMExplorer! (click on image below to try out the demos):


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